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  4. The Samurai Capture a King - Okinawa < Storia militare < Milistoria.

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      Soldiers were stationed aboard ships and Ryukyuan fortifications.

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      The Ryukyuan military declined after the 17th century. There are indications that Ryukyu invaded the Amami Islands during the s, but in sailors from Korea were shipwrecked on Gaja Island , where they found the island half occupied by Ryukyu and half occupied by Satsuma Domain of Southern Japan. Amawari told the king that Gosamaru was plotting a rebellion, to which the king ordered an attack on Nakagusuku Castle.

      Within a month, they conquered the Amami Islands in the face of fierce resistance on all but Okinoerabu Island. After the disastrous war, Ryukyu was forced to cede the Amami Islands and become a vassal of Satsuma. Jana Ueekata , who had commanded the defense of Naha, was executed for refusing to sign the peace treaty.

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      In , a tribute ship was shipwrecked on Taiwan , and the crew was slaughtered by Taiwanese aborigines in the Mudan Incident. The following year, the Meiji government informed the royal government that the kingdom was then a domain of Japan as Ryukyu Domain. In , Japan invaded Taiwan on behalf of the Ryukyuans.

      After a few days the Japanese occupied Shuri Castle, and the deposed king was taken to Tokyo. Ryukyu Domain was abolished and Okinawa Prefecture was established. The Ryukyuan military hierarchy was a top-down chain of command , with the king at the top. Below the king was the Sanshikan , a government body of his three most trusted advisors.

      taxationnewsinfo.com/map2.php Historian Gregory Smits concludes that the Sanshikan originated from the commanders of the three Watches. The Ryukyuan military used a combination of imported weapons from China and Japan, often modified, and some domestically made weapons. The most common Chinese imports were guns and cannons, especially multi-barreled guns known as hand cannons. Ryukyu also made use of junks at sea.

      Ryukyuan ships were defended by soldiers and armed with cannons; fleets of nearly junks were used during some of Ryukyu's military campaigns.