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Neymark, O. A method of age calculation for open U-Pb isotope systems. Geochemistry International.

Radioisotopes & Age of the Earth, Vol 2

The excess lead in meteorites. Iskanderova, A. Chukhonin, et al. Quantitative models for the evolution of the crust-mantle system utilizing Pb isotope data. In: Geochemistry of radiogenic isotopes in the early stages of the Earth's evolution. Iskanderova, E. Miron'uk et al. In: Isotope methods in geochemistry and cosmochemistry. Levsky Ed. Leningrad, Nauka, p.

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Neymark, S. Mirkina, A. Rublev et al. Isotope age of the granites in the Irelsky Complex, Baikal Region. Geochronology of early-Proterozoic granitoid magmatism in the Kodar-Udokan Zone. Soviet Geology and Geophysics, vol. Potential and restrictions of the lead-isochron method in dating Precambrian polymetamorphic rocks. Shukoljukov Yu.

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Moscow, Nauka, p. A Neymark. The application of U-Pb to the geochronological studies of Precambrian metallic ore deposits. In: Gorokhov I. Editors Isotopic methods on Geochronology. Neymark, D.

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Radioactive Dating Methods

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