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While many South Africans have applauded the announcement, critics say Ramaphosa has only recycled the same crop of leaders.

No Semenya at Stockholm Diamond League after gender ruling

Xolani Dube, a political analyst from the Xubera Institute of Research and Development based in Durban said while it is commendable for governments to strive for gender balance, political appointments should based on merit and performance. We need to ask ourselves what kind of paradigm shift are we looking for in this country," Dube told CNN.

Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, 70 is one of South Africa's most powerful politicians and has held ministerial posts in different governments since She returns as the minister of co-operative governance and traditional affairs. Thoko Didiza who returns as minister of agriculture held the same post for eight years under former President Thabo Mbeki.

South Africa election: Ramaphosa holds power as memory of Mandela fades. Opposition party leader, Mmusi Maimane claimed the appointments were to satisfy Ramaphosa's political interests. Maimane said he would appoint a "shadow Cabinet" that would hold the government accountable. Delphine said that her then-five-year-old daughter, Deborah, stood in front of her in an attempt to protect her mother.

She deserves better. Delphine moved to the center and lived there for over a year while she worked at a spa. But when her allowed time at the center came to an end and she moved out, she struggled to find work to support herself and her daughters.

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Across the country, in the Eastern Cape, Patrick Godana, looks around at a group of men and women, his hand raised in a fist as he ushers in their meeting with an old chant. If we are saying racism is wrong, sexism is wrong as well.

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A former youth fighter against apartheid, Godana is a manager at Sonke Gender Justice, an NGO devoted to gender equity in its many forms. One of the beliefs of the Sonke program is that men should play a primary role in ending gender-based violence, so Godana hosts workshops all across the country in an attempt to transform how men think about domestic abuse.

On this day, Godana was excited. A prince was in their midst — a man who wielded influence within his village. But Khanyiso Mtoto is reluctant.


South Africa’s cabinet is now 50% women for the first time ever | World Economic Forum

He believed that biologically and physically, men are stronger than women. Khanyiso Mtoto is a prince in his village, a man of elevated status and influence. He says that biologically and physically, men are stronger than women. Godana tried to convince him to shift his view, by bringing up examples of women in the military, how women take charge and to instead look at them simply as equal human beings.

Forget about the strength. Look at them as human beings. Another man, Sithile Nohaya, had a change of heart during the exercise and found himself crossing the floor to the side of the room where some men stood to say they view women as strong as men. The change of heart, Nohaya said, was connected to something more personal.

Thumeka told ABC News that the abuse happened when she broke his phone after she noticed him texting another woman. Sithile Nohaya and his wife share how they moved past his abuse. Patrick Godana leads a workshop at Sonke Gender Justice, attempting to transform the way men think about domestic abuse. This article was originally written for ABC News By Candace Smith Gender-based violence knows no borders, but in South Africa , femicide — the killing of women — seems to have touched every woman of every walk of life, and from every social sphere.


Photo: ABC News Bachar, along with other experts, believes that gender-based violence is prevalent in South Africa because violence has been ingrained in the fabric of South African society. The turning point for Delphine came when she was pregnant with her second daughter.

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  • She said that for all she has lost, she still found power amid her trauma. Photo: ABC News Godana tried to convince him to shift his view, by bringing up examples of women in the military, how women take charge and to instead look at them simply as equal human beings.